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Grouse Guitars, dealer in fine vintage and collectable guitars (acoustic and electric), basses and amplifiers. We deal in Alver, Ampeg, Aria, ASAT, Beeton resonator, Belman, blackface Fenders, Buckmaster, Burns, Champ, classical guitars, Coronado, Country Roc, Danelectro, DeGruchy, Destroyer, Dobro, Donmo, Electa, Eminar, Epiphone, Fender, Firebird, Fisonic, Flying V, Framus, Fyrbyrd, G&L, Gibson, Gilet, Godwin Guitar Organ, Goldentone vintage valve amps, Greco, Greg Beeton resonator, Gretsch, Grimshaw resonator guitars, Guild, Hagstrom, Hamer, handmade guitars, Harmony, Hofner, Hoyer, vintage Ibanez, Jaguar, Jazz bass, Jazzmaster, JB6, JB4, Kay, Kinman, Kubicki, Landola, lawsuit era guitars, left-handed guitars, Les Pauls, Levin, Maccaferri, Magnatone vintage amplifiers, Martin, Matchless, Maton, Melody, Moody valve amplifiers, Mosrite, Musicman, Peavey, Pignose busking amps, resonator guitars, Rickenbacker, Selmer, semi-acoustic guitars, Shiro, silverface amps, Silvertone vintage tube amps, single-cone resonators, solid body guitars, Stagemaster, Starcaster, Starfire, Stratocaster, Strauss, Style O resonator, Takamine, Teisco, Tele, Telecaster, Thinline, Tokai, Tomkins, Trace Elliot amplifiers, tri-cone resonators, twin neck guitars, vintage guitars, Vadis, Vase vintage tube amplifiers, Vox, Wasp amps, Wedgtail (Wedgetail), White Falcon and more! Australia's grousest vintage guitar, vintage bass and vintage guitar amplifier dealer!!!
After a decade of working hard to source and present truly grouse guitars, basses and amplifiers, I have decided to take a break.

I wish to concentrate on a few things - including my health - for a while. I can not yet say how long this break from Grouse Guitars will be. It may be just months, or it may be longer. I will still check my emails from time to time, so feel free to drop me an email. However, please respect the fact I am taking a break, and note that I will not respond to emails requesting valuations or identification of your gear, no matter how veiled the requests may be.

I am always happy to hear from my many friends and past customers, and in some instances I may be interested in purchasing (for my own use) a genuinely GROUSE guitar, bass or amplifier you may wish to sell. If you include its details, your location and your selling price, I'll get back to you.

In the interim, feel free to join me in viewing and salivating over the many grouse instruments that have sold over the past decade (use the amp knobs at the top of the page to view the sold guitars, basses and amps).