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1940s vintage H&H valve amplifier1940s H&H portable valve amplifier - what an amazing old amp. And it works! In fact, it sounds damn good! - went to Mick

old valve amp head1940s Aussie(?) valve amp head - this thing sounds cool! Ideal for harp or super-grungy old-school electric guitar. Probably only 5 or 6 watts, so it sure won't blow your quadbox! - went to Indra

1951 Fender Pro Amp1951 Fender Pro Amp - Here's a fantastic TV-front vintage Fender amp from the golden period. Loads of street cred, buckets of vintage tone from the field coil 15" Jensen, and a truly grouse investment - went to Bill

1950s/60s 1x12" speaker box - Here's a pretty cool speaker box with a low-powered Sydney-made MFP Hi-Flux 12" speaker, perfect for getting the best vintage tone from very low-powered (around 5 watts) valve amplifier heads - went to Daniel

vintage Magnatone guitar amp1950s Magnatone Model M-197-3-V class-A 6V6 amp - is this the coolest amp you ever saw? Awesome condition, awesome vintage tone, awesome originality, right down to its faux alligator-skin tolex and Jensen speaker! - went to Murray

vintage Stradivarius valve amplifier1954 Stradivarius Special Aussie-built valve low-wattage combo with 1x8 inch Rola. Fantastic! Cool! Grouse! Real single-ended 6V6 tone at legal bedroom (or studio) levels, or just keep it on display in your home or studio and watch its value grow - went to Tony

1955 Australian 10 watt amp - an incredibly charming amp which sounds amazingly good! Built (almost certainly in Sydney) in 1955, and possibly an extremely early Moody. - went to Jon

vintage Premier 120 tube amp1956 Premier 120 - what a classic! The ultimate harp amp? Little Walter's ghost lives in this baby! - selling for less than the price we paid - went to Tony

1957 Magnatone Custom 280 Double V amplifier 1957 Magnatone Custom 280 Double V - the legendary amp with true stereo vibrato. A very, very rare amp in amazing original condition. One of the world's best. 110 volt - went to a collector in Sydney

1958 Maton valve amp1958 (approx) Maton valve practice/studio amp, very rare and very sweet (looking and sounding!) amp in amazing collector-grade condition. Goes as well as it looks, with tons of great vintage valve tone for practice or the studio. Why bother with a Fender® Champ® when we have homegrown tone like this? The smaller brother to the 1x12 version, with the same tolex, grille etc! - went to Martin

1958 Maton Mastersound vintage valve amp 1958 Maton Mastersound 15-watt EL-84 amp - How cool is this! The oldest Maton amp I've come across. Sounds great too, and complete with its original white-cone MSP speaker! Effectively an early Aussie single-channel AC-15 clone! - went to Derrick

1959 Maton Mastersound - a delightful very early Maton Mastersound amplifier, with about 4 watts of glorious single-ended tone feeding the original 8" Rola Alnico speaker. Unbelievable tone for studio work, and incredibly collectable. - went to a collector in Sydney

1959 Maton Mastersound Tremolux amp1959 Maton Mastersound Tremolux 30X amp - a really nice-sounding 2 x EL-34 guitar amp. Previous long-term owner fitted 2x10" Celestions in place of the original 3x8" drivers. Very rare amp, and very, very giggable and COOL! - went to Shane

1959 Goldentone vintage valve amp 1959 Goldentone 30-40 watt 2x12 combo (EL-34) - as amazing old Goldie, built before they settled on their eventual family of amps using 6DQ5 and 6DQ6 output valves. This uses a pair of EL-34s (and an EF-86 pre-amp) to give some really great Aussie-flavoured British tone. We've just spent a heap on this beauty, and you have to hear it to believe it! - went as soon as it returned from our tech to a new owner in Sydney

Echoplex EP-11960/61 Echoplex EP-1 tape echo - this is one of the original Echoplexes, with a very low serial number suggesting 1960 or 1961 manufacture. Fully serviced, low mileage, a stunning example with sound to die for with its original 110volt all-valve circuitry - went to John

early 1960s JMI (Vox) Domino - a very rare, very basic, very cool amp putting out only about 5 glorious single-ended watts from the single EL-84 output. Valve rectifier, and super-cool 1960s British looks! Very collectable, very usable - went to Jon

early 1960s MIJ Coltone amp with tremolo and reverb - a delightful early Japanese valve amplifier resplendent in its original purple tolex! Has tremolo, great valve-driven spring reverb, and about 8 watts or so feeding into the two original 6" horseshoe Alnico-magnet speakers. Fully serviced and ready for another forty years of pure vintage valve tone - went to Matt

Fisonic 4-channel PA ampearly 1960s Fisonic 4-channel PA amp head - How cool is this!!?? Want to put your guitar, vocal, accordion and bass through the one amp and speaker box? That's the sort of use this super-rare Fisonic would have been made for back in the early 1960s in Marrickville, Sydney. 4 inputs, 2 x EL-34 valve output for about 40 watts - went to James

Vase BGB80 Bassman amp early 1960s Vase BGB80 Bassman amp - this has to be one of the highest quality amps I've ever seen, and it's made here right here in Aus! Brisbane in fact. Vase amps were well-known for their build quality, and this extremely early version is no exception. Very powerful sounding 80 watts, and capable of great bass as well as shimmering highs. This amp uses a 12AU7, a 12AX7, a 7199 splitter, and two KT88/6550 output valves - went to Dean

1960s Vedette (ZJM) amp - a very rare and awesome-sounding 40-watt vintage Australian amp head made in Sydney in the 1960s (probably pre-'65). Fender® blackface circuitry with British-style EL-34 output and great transformers make this a point-to-point wired vintage tone BARGAIN! - went to Victor

Strauss Polka vintage valve amp 1960s Strauss Polka - a very conservative estimation of 120 watts from the 4x7027A output valves - 21 kilos of pure vintage Aussie amp muscle that will make a Marshall look like a wimp! And it has tone you wouldn't believe! - went to Martin

1960s Electravox 408R - a badge-engineered version of the Vadis 408R, which confirms my suspicion of a strong link between the two iconic '60s Sydney brands. Fully serviced, re-valved and re-capped. A superb amp - went to Daniel

1960s Rex Mascot - I've had two of these through here before, and they both sold instantly. Very highly sought for recording (and home recording) are these single-ended true Class-A few watts of vintage Aussie tone! - went to Stu

1960s Vadis 601 with matching quad box - a great example of an iconic vintage Australian (Sydney-built) guitar amplifier. The 601 is a great amp, with good spring reverb and the best tremolo you will ever hear! Very cool, very usable - went to Peter

1960s Rex BA50 50 watt 2x12 speaker cab - a mint, virtually New Old Stock, vintage 2x12 speaker cab for your 40 or 50 watt vintage valve head. Two original vintage 8-ohm MSP speakers wired in parallel to give a 4 ohm load, but if you prefer I can re-wire them in series to present a 16 ohm load. Very cool, very usable - went to Tony

1960s Goldentone 1746 40-watt Bassmaster - Goldentones are probably the most well-known of the range of Australian vintage valve amps, and they are finally getting the respect they deserve, as collectors and musicians alike snap them up. This is a rough-looking but very healthy and toneful bass amp, with the head just back from a service - went to Chris

1960s Vadis 409 with trem and reverb - I have always been a huge fan of Vadis amps, despite their rather plain-Jane looks, and gig them regularly. This valve-rectified 6CA7 (EL34) amp puts out around 40 watts into the 2x12 (Alnico Rolas!) sealed-back box for absolutely heaven-sent vintage Aussie tone!. - went to Andrew

1960s Goldentone with trem and reverb - a delightful early Goldentone amp pushing out a little under 10 watts from its two 6GW8 valves into the original 12" Hi-flux speaker. This was only ever used by a little old lady for her electronic organ - yes a genuine 'only-driven-to-church-on-Sundays-by-a-little-old-lady' amp! Dead collectable, original and delightful with its tremolo and reverb. - went to Chris

1960s Rex Mascot - these very cool Australian (Melbourne-made) amps put out only about 3 or 4 single-ended watts from the single 6BQ5 output valve, but have become an icon for recording studios. Very original, very collectable, very usable - went to Tony

vintage Electravox class A valve ampVery interesting 1960s single-ended Class-A 'baby' amp made by Goldentone but badged Electravox! A very original and unmolested example of an early Aussie student or practice amp. Beautiful single-ended class-A tone from its single 6GW8 valve. Original 8" Alnico speaker - went to Martin

1960s Vadis BR20 amp1960s Vadis BR20 1x12" combo - a perfect amp for the home studio, with creamy valve overtone from the cathode-biased 6CA7 output stages feeding into a vintage Rola 12PEG Alnico speaker - went to Daniel

vintage WEM Copicat analogue tape echo delayOriginal 1960s WEM Watkins Copicat tape echo - a beautiful example of the original tape echo unit. The ultimate analogue delay pedal! - went to Alan

Vadis 250R1960s Vadis 250R 1x12 combo - Vadis sure made some corkers, and this is one of them. 2 x 6L6GC output in cathode bias configuration (around 25 watts) into the original 12" alnico speaker, with reverb and tremolo to die for. Superb! - went to Tony

Diason Baby amp1960s Diason 'Baby' tremolo amp - a delightful little vintage Aussie amp putting out probably 8-10 watts into two Rola Plessey 8-inch speakers. And it has tremolo too! Grouse sound, and collector condition - went to Tony

Vadis 601 head1960s Vadis 601 50watt guitar amp with reverb and tremolo - probably one of the nicest-sounding guitar amps I have ever played through, and one of the ugliest! 1960s Sydney-made Vadis head with reverb and trem - amazing sound! - went to Richard

Vadis speaker box 1960s Vadis 3x12 Alnico speaker box - a great sounding vintage Aussie speaker box with three 15ohm 12inch Alnico speakers (I think they're Rolas). 5 ohm impedance, and sounds great for either bass or guitar - went to Glenn

vintage Moody valve guitar amp1960s Moody model 496 - 4 grouse class-A watts of Aussie valve tone from Moody! - went to Tony

vintage Eminar Celestion 18 inch box1960s Eminar bass box loaded with original vintage Celestion 18" speaker! - this is a very early Eminar item, probably the earliest I've ever come across. Unbelievable home-use-only condition, and the original HUGE 18 inch Celestion is as fresh as the day it was made. 65 watt power handling and 16ohm impedance makes it perfect for a wide range of vintage valve heads. Great for bass, organ or guitar use! - went to Tony

vintage Rex Bassking blackface Fender Bassman copyfresh rebuild!! 1960s Rex Bassking BA50 - 50 watt 'bassman' style head from Rex! Our own Aussie version of the Fender® blackface Bassman® based original Jim Marshall JTM-45® type head. Very original and collectable, and ready to rock for another 40 years! This amp's 'bass instrument' channel is my favourite with my double-bass, being warm and with a huge bass extension - went to Tony

Watkins Copicat Mk1 valve tape echovalve Watkins Copicat tape echo - a beautiful example of the original tape echo unit! - went to Bob

vintage Moody BA-40 amp1960s Moody BA-40 piggyback - highly desirable early Aussie Moody bass amplifier in beautiful original condition - went to Geoffrey

vintage Goldentone 1742 lead amplifier 1960s Goldentone model 1742 40-watt 'lead' model amp - this is a rare model which is 'hotter' than most Goldentones, hence the 'lead' name. Fantastic sound - went to Tristan

vintage Geloso amp1960s Geloso Italian AC-15 EL-84 amp - COOL! - vintage 1960s 15-watt amp coupled with a new Alnico Jensen P12N speaker and housed in a vintage cabinet. This amp will amaze you! - went to Con

Echoplex tape echoEchoplex EP-3 tape echo - a beautiful example of this highly-regarded tape echo unit. The ultimate analogue delay pedal! - went to Mark

1960s Vase Dynabass valve head - 40-50 grouse watts of Aussie 'bassmaster' style valve tone! - went to local Melbourne buyer

vintage Fender volume fuzz wah pedalvintage '60s Fender volume/fuzz/wah pedal rare and highly sought-after three-way pedal (top swivels sideways for third functionality) - went to Luke

vintage Goldentone valve amp1960s Goldentone 1x12 valve combo with trem and reverb - went to Owen

vintage Moody BA40 valve amp1961 Moody BA-40 head - the stunning blonde-and-blue model in beautiful original condition. Two 6CA7 (EL-34) valves running in cathode bias configuration. Very, very collectable, and fresh with matched EL-34s, rewound output transformer, new 6AN8 valve, valve bases and componentry - went to Arjuna

Moody GA-35 amplifier1961/62 Moody GA-35 amp - I love this - a delightful Moody GA-35 with reverb and tremolo, probably dating from the very early 1960s. Still has its original Alnico speakers, including separate 6" speaker for reverb output! EL-34 tone in a distinctly Aussie package - went to Geoff

1962 (approx) Fi-Sonic 5 watt combo - I love these handmade amps from Phil Dreoni's Marrickville (Sydney) workshop, and this is a real little gem. Valve rectified, original Mullard rectifier and pre-amp valves, and a fresh EL-84 output valve. Pure class-A single-ended tone, and an ideal home recording amp. Superb! - went to Barry

1962 Australian 6 watt tremolo amp - Maton? - NEW OLD STOCK museum piece which only came out of its box in August 2009! Not just an under-the-bed find, this is a May 1962 timecapsule. Valve-rectified single-ended Class-A hand-wired circuitry feeding a vintage Alnico speaker = true vintage tone! As good for the recording studio as it is for the display cabinet! - went to Martin

1962 Moody 10/12 Vibralux amp1962 Moody 10/12 Vibralux single-ended class-A 10 watt amp - this is a very collectable vintage Moody model - cool looks and great sound - and this one's the cleanest we've seen. Dead original - went to Graeme

1962 Moody 496 amp 1962 Moody 496 small class-A single-ended amp - miniature amp with monster tone. We sold a blue '61 some time back, and it's great to find another. Bog basic, with just a volume and tone control, and not even an on/off switch! Perfect for home recording, with tone that will astound you - went to Duy

vintage Moody tube amp1962 Moody Vibralux 10/12 cool! Two-tone pink and grey leatherette, 10 watt single-ended 6V6 and the best vibrato you could wish for! - went to Tim

1963 Moody GA35 amp1963 Moody GA35 2x12 combo - a delightful example of a super-collectable vintage Australian amplifier! Dates from 1963, and incredibly original, right down to its red-coned MSP Radial Beam alnico speakers - went to Brian

1963 Watkins Scout amplifier - Now this is COOL! A British 2xEL84 amplifier (like a Vox AC-15) with 2 channels and delightful tremolo on channel 1. A single 10" speaker is not as loud as the Vox 12" Blue, but it's still all tone, tone, tone, and it's very rare to boot! In unbelievable condition, right down to its Mullard valves! - went to a collector in Sydney

1962 Goldentone 740 amp1963 Goldentone '7-40' amp RARE!!! - The only one in existence? Quite likely. And must be the best if not the only one. Beautiful original 15" full-range Wharfedale speaker in a 2-channel 40-watt combo with grouse tremolo! Fully overhauled electronics mean it will last another 45 years - went to Tony

vintage Maton Mastersound valve tube guitar amp1963 Maton Mastersound Hi-Mark Series 10 valve amp - how cool is this little baby? Blue, original, around 10-15 watts from its pure Class-A single-ended EL-34 output through 2 x 8" speakers....Rare! Collectable! Grouse! - went to James

vintage Moody Vibralux valve amplifier1963 Moody Vibralux 10/12 cool! Two-tone pink and grey leatherette, 12 watts of 6CA7 (EL-34) single-ended valve tone and the best vibrato you could wish for - went to Ralph

vintage Moody valve tube amp1963 Moody BA-40 piggyback - In 30 years of buying and collecting I never thought I would find the Holy Grail of Aussie vintage amps in this condition! Here is a much-coveted early '60s cathode-bias Moody in the original blonde and blue cabinetry in amazing original and mint condition. You will NEVER find a better example! - went to Fox

1964 Vedette (ZJM) amp - a very rare and awesome-sounding vintage Australian amp made in Sydney in 1964. Fender® blackface circuitry with British-style EL-34 output and very high quality transformers make this a point-to-point wired vintage tone BARGAIN! - went to James

1964 Fi-Sonic 2x12 combo - I love these amps made by Phil Dreoni in Marrickville (Sydney) in the 1960s - and this is the first big 2x12 version I have come across. Typical Aussie blend of USA and UK characteristics - sort of a Fender Twin®/Vox AC-30®/Marshall Blues Breaker® lovechild! Grouse sound, grouse rarity, grouse giggability. Point-to-point vintage valve amp with loads of stage cred - went to Paul

Moody BA40 amp1964 Moody BA40 guitar and bass amp head - I have always thought these to be about the coolest amps ever made, and this is the most original and mint example I have yet come across - went to Tony

1964 Gibson Falcon - just back from the tech after a full check and service, and an amp I have been seeking for a long time. Gibson's answer to the Fender Deluxe Reverb, with a 2x6V6 output (about 20 watts), and great reverb and tremolo, feeding a single 12" Jensen. A lovely amp with heaps of mojo to its appearance! - went to Jacob

Moody BA171964 Moody BA17 1x12" combo - another perfect amp for the home studio, with creamy valve overtone from the valve-rectified 2x6BQ5 (EL-84) 17-watt output feeding into the 12" alnico speaker. Just back from extensive restoration work with Moody guru Ross Giles! - went to Shane

Ampeg B12XY Portaflex1964 Ampeg Portaflex B12XY amp head - a very rare and legendary guitar amp head complete with reverb and tremolo, no longer with its original speaker box, where it would have been a 'flip top'. Freshly serviced, and in stunning condition! - went to Martin

Moody GA-40 amp1964 Moody GA-40 piggyback amp - an incredible sounding amp, despite its dog-eared appearance! Slightly modified with front-mounted switching and mild hot-rodding to give you unbelievable EL-34 tones equal to anything on the planet. With long-tank spring reverb and tremolo - went to Tony

Selmer Zodiac Twin Thirty1964 Croc skin Selmer Truvoice Zodiac Twin Thirty - Unbelievably original and low-mileage one-owner Selmer from the coveted croc-skin period (1963-65). Stunning condition - went to Michael

1963 Goldentone Bassmaster 1757 1964 Goldentone Bassmaster 1757 - the most delightful example of a delightful Goldentone model I think I will ever see - blonde and leggy! - went to Michael

vintage Fender Tremolux amp1965 Fender Tremolux - mint! The best little Tremolux you will ever find. Still on original 110 - 117 volt circuit, speakers replaced with Celestions, sounds great, looks awesome, and a grouse investment! - went to Tony

1965 Goldentone Bassmaster1965 Goldentone Bassmaster 40 head with 2x12 box - Now here is a nice-sounding classic Australian amp! In true Bassman® style, it's great for both bass and guitar. No reverb, no tremolo, just 40 glorious watts of vintage Australian tone! - went to Shane

1965 Goldentone Reverbmaster 1965 Goldentone Reverbmaster - these are a great little amp, of about 20 watts or so. Reverb, tremolo, and a single 12" Alnico speaker all add up to a grouse vintage valve amp experience - went to Gordon

vintage Goldentone valve amp1965 Goldentone 60-watt head and quadbox (model 1759), one-owner with original papers and circuit diagram - Dead original, very collectable - amazing! - serial number 3814 - went to Ed

Ultratone Bassman Forty1966 Ultratone Bassman Forty - now this is a VERY rare amp, reluctantly released from my private collection. Just as the Ultratone Custom Forty is a rare version of the Moody GA40, this Ultratone Bassman Forty is an even rarer version of the Moody BA40. Dead original right down to its Rola 12PEG red-label alnico speakers! - went to Slav

1966 Moody GA-40 amp1966 Moody GA-40 amp - MINT! - the tidiest and most original example of my favourite Moody amp model that I've ever seen. GROUSE! - went to a collector in Sydney

Vase Bassman 1201966 Vase Bassman 120 amp head - my favourite Aussie bass (and guitar!) head ever. Bulletproof Vase build quality, and dead original and unmolested. A tone giant! - went to Nico

Goldentone Bassmaster1966 Goldentone 60watt Bassmaster with original 2x12 box - one of the best examples of this truly classic amp we've ever seen! In great collector-grade condition - went to Geoffrey

1966 Fender Bassman head1966 Fender® Bassman® an absolutely mint, under-the-bed example of a famous and highly desirable blackface Fender amp - went to Luke

vintage Silvertone tube amp1966 Silvertone USA-made 117v 40-watt piggy-back, 6L6GC tone and power, Jensen speaker equipped, with original papers and in true collector condition - chassis number 185.11040 went to Kris

1967 Jason 4-watt class A amp - this thing's bloody beautiful! Very rare vintage Australian amp, and it has balls! 4 Class A (single-ended) watts into the original vintage MSP Hi-Flux Alnico 8" speaker gives tone, tone, tone, and there's plenty of gain from the EF86 pre-amp stage to dial in pure single-ended distortion rich in even-order harmonics. Has also been fitted with a switched outlet, meaning you can use this as a 4-watt head with any 4-ohm cab - went to Paul

1967 Electravox ET8 Escort - a lovely 'Tremolo' (or vibrato) amp sending its 8 watts into an original vintage MSP Hi-Flux Alnico 8" speaker. A very 'gainy' amp (making it ideal for harp!), but with the sexiest tremolo (vibrato) I've heard in a long time. A truly grouse vintage Australian valve amplifier - went to Karl

1967 Goldentone 1765 'lead' amp - a beaut vintage Goldentone complete with the TV legs that make them so damn cool! Freshly back from the tech, where it has been fully serviced! - went to James

1967 Jason 15-watt 1x12 amp - gotta love this! Very unmolested, original amp using 6EM5 valves in push-pull in the output feeding a vintage MSP 12PQ Alnico speaker - an Aussie "AC-15®" that I reckon seriously challenges the British version for outright tone. - went to James

Trent 100 amp1967 Aussie-built Trent 100 amp head - here's a really nice-sounding head made in Brisbane back in 1967. It runs a pair of 6L6 output valves, and has tremolo. Fully serviced, and has new output valves - went to Tony

1967 Strauus Polka amplifier 1967 Strauss Polka 50watt piggyback with two 2x12 boxes - absolutely gorgeous and dead original 50watt Strauss head with a pair of matching 2x12 boxes with 1967 vintage Alnico speakers! (Philips or Vitavox?) Tone to die for - went to Shane

Rex Bassking 50 piggyback amp 1967 Rex Bassking 50 piggyback amp - this EL-34 powered vintage amp must surely be one of the most immaculate surviving examples of the Melbourne-made Bassking! Truly incredible - just check out the pics! This amp is just back from a full checkover and service, ready to rock for another 40 years! - went to Geoff

vintage 1967 Ultratone tube amp1967 Ultratone Custom Forty reverb head. How can these awesome hand-built early Australian heads be so damn rare? Cool as, rare as, grouse as! - went to Ray

vintage Goldentone valve guitar amp1967 Goldentone 40watt reverb head and 2x12 box - another beautiful Goldentone amp. The original Rola 12" AlNiCo speakers are still mint inside their box, and this amp sounds absolutely glorious! - went to Bill

1968 Leslie 161968 Leslie 16 - remember 'that' sound on Stevie Ray Vaughan's 'Cold Shot'? Or Cream's 'Badge'? What about Jimi Hendrix's 'Little Wing'? Or Danny Gatton's 'Ugly Man'? That sound, my friends, was one of these rare babies. I've been searching for years, and finally found one in amazingly original condition - went to Michael

Geloso 15-watt EL-84 amp head1968 Geloso 15-watt amp head - We briefly had a Geloso amp (these are vintage amps made in Italy) which had been used in a one-off 'special' (click here to view it) which instantly sold to a very enthusiastic Sydney buyer, and never thought we'd come across another Geloso, let alone all original with its manual and original wooden packing case!! - went to Andy

vintage Garl valve head1968 Garl 50watt head - made in Sydney in 1968 - completely refurbished and fantastic Marshall plexi type tone! - went to Michael

1969 (approx) Strauss Lancer guitar piggyback - a really nice-sounding 2xEL-34 guitar head with matching Strauss 4x12 box with original Rola Plessey speakers. Very tidy, and awesome sound - went to Tony

1969 Vase Bassman 80 amp 1969 Vase Bassman 80 - another lovely vintage amp from Brisbane-based Vase, this time the 2 x KT88 80-watt version. Very original, and sounds fantastic for either bass or guitar (just as a Bassman should!) - went to Tony

vintage WASP valve amplifierlate 1960s NZ/Aussie built WASP head and quadbox, a true classic amp with fantastic tone - the vintage Aussie version of the Hiwatt - awesome tone with the original 4 Etone speakers - went to Tony

Selmer Treble N Bass 50 MkIII amp late 1960s Selmer Treble N Bass 50 MkIII amp - you won't win any beauty contests with this one, but if you want bucketloads of tone, especially for bass, this vintage Selmer is hard to go past. The HUGE Goodmans 18 inch 100-watt speaker in the equally huge Selmer tuned bass-reflex box just goes down, and down...and down! This was my amp of choice for my amplified double-bass until it was went to Luke

reverbmaster spring reverb1960s/70s Reverbmaster spring reverb unit - an amazing little unit, and very rare - went to Steve

Roland reverbvintage Roland "Reverb Add" RV-100 vintage and highly sought-after spring reverb mains-powered unit - went to Dhyan

1970 Lenard GB100 head1970 (approx) Lenard GB100 valve guitar/bass head - very rare amp head from one of the leaders in high-quality and high-powered amps in the 1960s and very early 1970s in Australia, Sydney's Lenard. In very original and low-mileage condition. Very collectable - went to Aaron

Maton Mastersound valve amp early 1970s Maton Mastersound STB75 Super Twin amp - a classic Aussie-built head and matching 3x12 speaker box with one of Australia's most famous guitar brandnames - Maton. This big and wonderful-sounding guitar or bass amp would have been one of the last made by Maton, in the early 1970s. Very original, and very usable - went to David

Yamaha TA30 guitar amplifierRARE!!! early 1970s Yamaha TA30 guitar amplifier - I'd only ever read about these amazing amps, and never thought I'd ever see one, let alone play through one! Early solid-state amp which sounds beautiful when kept within its power limits, but more one for the collector or seriously individual (acoustic?) guitarist. In amazing mint condition! - went to Scot

vintage Fender Bassman 50 ampEarly '70s Fender Bassman "Export" AB165 50watt head and matching 2x15 box - the desirable and affordable Silverface still with the Blackface AB165 circuitry. A very original and complete example which sounds glorious - went to Brent

1970s Maxim 60 watt bass amp - a very rare amplifier, handmade in Richmond, Melbourne, by Peter McCarthy, probably in the very early 1970s. In almost New Old Stock condition, but fully serviced, re-valved and re-capped. A superb amp! - went to Daniel

Jansen 880 reverb valve amplifier1970s Jansen 880 Reverb 70watt head - a great sounding amp from one of New Zealand's most highly regarded manufacturers in the '60s and '70s, with heaps of power from its two new hand-matched 7027A valves running 600V on the plates! Extensively serviced by a leading Melbourne amp tech, with carefully hand-matched new 7027A outputs, new coupling caps and two new 12AX7s - went to Michael

Sonola Super Reverb amp1970s Sonola 90 Super Reverb stereo guitar amp - an extremely high quality amp hand-built in Adelaide, Australia in the 1970s. Two separate pre-amps, feeding two separate power amps, each with a pair of 6L6EH valves. Incredibly versatile, incredibly good-sounding, and incredibly rare! - went to Justin in NSW

1970s Roland RE-201 Space Echo - we have managed to secure another one of these fantastic tape echo units - each time we land one, it sells straight away! Don't delay on this one (no pun intended) - went to Martin

Roland RE-201 Space Echo1970s Roland RE-201 Space Echo - here's a really tidy example of a much sought-after unit. Imported Japanese model, but supplied with brand new step-down transformer to enable use with Aussie 240volt mains. - went to Dean

1970s Simms-Watts Echo Dek tape echo - a lovely Japanese-built tape echo which uses the obsolete and impossible-to-obtain Sony EP-4 tape cartridge. If you have such a tape loop, this unit works great, and sounds fantastic! Or maybe you can modify your own tape loop to suit - went to Llara

Zoot Horn V200 valve power amp 1970s Made-in-England Zoot Horn V200 200watt KT88 bass power amp - the power and the glory! Over 23kg, and 200 glorious watts of British KT88 power. Very rare, very low-mileage, very high-quality! An awesome bass power amp - went to Martin

Eminar 2x15 bass bin 1970s Eminar 2x15" (CTS) bass bin - believe me; size matters! 46 kilos of pure vintage grunt. Dead original, and not for wimps! - I have just discovered that the top CTS makes a slight rattle when playing a bass note loud, so am now selling as a Do-It-Yourself special - either have the speaker reconed, or replace with another speaker - went to Tony

vintage Flame valve guitar amplifier1970s Flame (Aussie blackface 50watt Bassman copy with plexi front) Orange tolex and totally original, including original Celestion Greenbacks - VINTAGE TONE TONE TONE!!!- went to Tony

vintage Morley Power Wah pedalvintage '70s Morley Power Wah went to Brisbane, Queensland, then resold on eBay for a handsome profit!

vintage Morley Rotating Sound Synthesiser pedalsuper rare '70s Morley Rotating Sound Synthesizer ever seen another one? We haven't!! went to Brisbane, Queensland, then resold on eBay for a handsome profit!

Vadid 401 2x12 amp1972 Vadis 401 2x12 combo - Vadis (made in Sydney Australia) had some great models, and this is one of them. 2 x 6CA7 output feeding around 40 watts into the original two 12" Rola alnico speakers, and with footswitchable reverb and tremolo. Superb! - went to Paul

1973 Diason (Goldentone) 'Tallboy' amp - a lovely vintage Australian amplifier, putting out about 10 watts from its 2x6GW8 Class AB1 output into the original 12" Alnico speaker, making it ideal for your home studio or even for small gigs. Fully serviced and re-capped, and ready to rock for another 36 years! - went to Martin

Leslie 8251973 Leslie 825 - often dubbed 'the guitarist's Leslie', the 825 was designed as the smaller, more portable brother to the big 760 model. Beautiful high-power 12" Jensen fires downwards into the rotating foam drum, fed by the inbuilt 70-watt solid-state power amp. Comes complete with the very sought-after 2-channel Combo Pre-amp and 9-pin lead - went to Mitch

1973 Leslie 16 - remember 'that' sound on Stevie Ray Vaughan's 'Cold Shot'? Or Cream's 'Badge'? What about Jimi Hendrix's 'Little Wing'? Or Danny Gatton's 'Ugly Man'? That sound, my friends, was one of these rare babies. Very scarce, especially in this amazingly original condition - went to John

Roland RE-200 Space Echo1973 Roland RE-200 Space Echo - here's an extremely rare item - the RE-200 was the precursor to the famous and highly-regarded RE-201, and is essentially the same except for a couple of important differences! Works and sounds A1! - went to Malone

1973 Fender Twin1973 Fender Twin - This is a very original and unmolested 100 watt Twin from early 1973, before the 'pull' Master Volume era. Just serviced, but we left the original Fender 6L6GC valves because they simply sound so damn good! Original Oxford speakers with original cones, original casters, original vintage Fender TONE!! - went to Ron

1975 Fender Twin Reverb - a very original and well cared-for example of the legendary Fender Twin Reverb. Buckets of deep reverb, great tremolo, and that unmistakeable Fender Twin sound. One mature owner for 20 years with light home use only. SUPERB! - went to Bob

Fender Twin Reverb silverface tube amp1975 Fender Twin Reverb one owner in amazing mint collector condition!! - awesome with all purchase documents and manuals. Just like new! went to Brad

1976 Music Man 210 Sixty-five - probably the most sought-after model of the legendary Music Man amplifier of Leo Fender, with the 12AX7 driver/phase inverter stage and 2 x EL-34 (6CA7) in the output stage. All original, right down to the two 10" Alnico speakers. A real sleeper on the vintage amp market, and bullet-proof reliability combined with awesome tone - went to John

Eminar 100 watt guitar amp1976 Eminar 100 watt guitar amp - a bargain '76 vintage all-Australian tone monster complete with its Etone-loaded 4x12 quad box! - went to Tony

Orange OR80 amp1976 Orange OR80 - fantastic British tone in a powerful combo - went to Michael

1977 Leslie 820 - often dubbed 'the guitarist's Leslie', the 820 (and the earlier 9-pin 825) was designed as the smaller, more portable Leslie in the higher-powered Pro-line series. Beautiful special 12" speaker (designed for constant horizontal use) fires downwards into the rotating foam drum, fed by the inbuilt 70-watt solid-state power amp. Comes complete with the very sought-after 2-channel Combo Pre-amp III and 11-pin lead - went to Jon

Ibanez  OD-8551980 Ibanez OD-855 Overdrive II pedal (very close relative to TS-808 - here is a very collectable pedal (very early build) being sold at less than cost! - went to Michael

Etone 15 inch bass bin1980s Etone 15" 200watt speaker in EV TL style bin - a bargain vintage Aussie bass bin, with a massive Aussie-made Etone 468 15" driver housed in a plywood EV TL style bottom ported box. PERFECT for your vintage valve bass head! - went to Jake

rare 1987 Marshall 2558 amp 1987 Marshall 2558 'Silver Jubilee' amp 25/50 watt - a much sought-after and highly collectable amp, which is also a great sounding and great-performing everyday gigging amp - went to Matt

Matchless Chieftain1995 Matchless Chieftain 2x12 combo - yes, one of the legendary Mark Sampson original Matchless amps from the most highly regarded era in the Matchless history, in stunning black and all original and mint - went to Murray

Matchless Chieftain1996 Matchless Chieftain 2x12 combo - Green tolex, vintage gold grill, totally original with padded cover - went to Paul

1997 Fender USA tweed Reverb reissue - a rare early version of the '63 Reverb' reissue, in very cool '50s style tweed, grille and nameplate. Fully USA made 6G15 PR263 circuit for that genuine vintage Fender reverb sound, and in as-new condition! - went to Phillip